When searching for vacation destinations this year, don’t overlook Santorini, Greece. A small island on the Aegean Sea famous for the Santorini Caldera and the gorgeous sunset views, there are actually many reasons to visit Santorini...and many things you can do when you get there. The beautiful beaches, water sports, and even the museums all make Santorini an idyllic vacation getaway. Here are some of our favorite things to do in Santorini.

Watch the Sunset in Oia

One of the best places in the world to watch the sunset is the village of Oia, Santorini. From the peak of Castle Oia, tourists can watch the sun go down over the Aegean Sea. The colors of the sky transform into deep blues and pinks and when the sun sinks low enough, the cliffs almost seem to be on fire with the burnt orange color. The sun seems to sink into the ocean before your eyes. It’s a sight you’ll never be able to find anywhere else, and you’ll want to take pictures to ensure that you never forget it.

Go Diving

Coral formations near an active volcano? A sunken ship? An up-close-and-personal look at the fish and mammals that inhabit the Aegean Sea? You can see all this and more when you go diving in Santorini, Greece. Take a trip down to Caldera Beach to find the dive station. Boats will take you out to the most popular dive sites, like volcanic dive spots where you can find the underwater lava formations. You can also dive beneath the caldera cliffs to see the colorful fish and plant life that live there. Make sure to bring a diving camera to capture all the best moments.

Donkey Riding

Want to feel like you’ve truly been transported through time in historic Greece? Take a donkey ride in Fira up to the top of the cliffs of the caldera. Or go on a leisurely trip through the village of Oia, Santorini on donkey-back. It’s an experience that’s bound to be an adventure and may lead you to some of the most beautiful sites on the island.

Wine Tasting

And what European vacation would be complete without a nice wine tasting? There are many wineries in Santorini in which you can tour the vineyard and sample some of their wine. There are even some boat tours that include wine tastings. Try the Venetsanos Winery, with its stunning caldera views, or Domaine Sigalas in Oia. The Santorini Wine Adventure Tours is exactly what it describes in the name: an adventure full of beautiful wineries and, of course, delicious wine.

Visit the Volcano and Thirassia

The lovely island of Thirassia is just a short boat ride away from Oia. You can take a day trip to visit the volcano--the same volcano that erupted to create the Santorini Caldera as it now is. There you can explore the wondrous geological formations, the black beaches, or the volcanic hot springs. Climb to the peak of Thirassia and look out at the world from a different perspective. There’s something otherworldly about Thirassia, and the intrigue is certainly enough to put it on the agenda for your trip to Santorini, Greece.

Sea Kayaking Tour

If you’ve always wanted to go kayaking, but never had the chance, now may be the perfect opportunity. The Sea Kayaking tours in Santorini travel to all the favorite tourist spots, like the caldera and the lighthouse. Experience levels vary from tour to tour. There are family friendly tours as well as stand-up tours for those more adventurous.

Naval Museum

Before you’re through, don’t forget to check out the Naval Museum, housed in a two-story captain’s house in Oia. There you can find old figureheads of ships, seaman’s trunks, model ships, and a library full of Santorini’s rich naval history. Some of the exhibits of the museum date back to the 19th century.

Of course, you’ll also need accommodation for your stay in Santorini, Greece. One of the best places to stay is in Oia. It’s close to the caldera, the naval museum, and all the best tourist locations. Book your hotel in Oia, Santorini and come join us for a vacation that’s more than simply a destination: it’s an experience, and maybe even an adventure.