Strogili Traditional Houses: An Oia Santorini Oasis

Oia Santorini Hotel Location

Perched in a prime spot within the picturesque landscapes of Oia, Strogili boasts unparalleled vistas that encompass the shimmering Aegean, the iconic Caldera, the celebrated volcano, and the charming sprawl of the Oia settlement itself.

Guests are bestowed with the added luxury of private parking – a prized amenity in Oia throughout the year. Embark on a journey with Strogili, where the allure of Oia Santorini unfolds right at your doorstep.

Unveiling Oia - Santorini’s Crown Jewel

Nestled at the northern zenith of Santorini, approximately 350 meters above the embracing arms of the Aegean Sea, Oia stands as the beacon of Cycladic charm. As your premier Oia Santorini escape, Strogili situates you in the heart of this spellbinding village. Famous for its heart-stopping sunsets, Oia’s allure extends far beyond the golden hour. Here, dawn's gentle hues are equally mesmerizing, painting the village in soft pastel strokes.

A Tapestry of Colors & Culture

Gazing out from Oia Santorini, the horizon unfolds tales of nature’s might with the islets of Thirassia, Palea Kameni, and Nea Kameni – symbols of the island's volcanic origins. The village itself is a cascade of whitewashed abodes, carved intricately into the rich, red cliffside, juxtaposed against splashes of deep fuchsia, cobalt blue, and earthy hues. This Oia Santorini landscape, with serpentine paths weaving a maze of marvels, has stirred the souls of artists and poets alike. And in every nook and cranny, the tales of Oia Santorini come alive, waiting for you to pen your own chapter.

Choose Strogili Traditional Houses and immerse yourself in the Oia Santorini experience, where every moment resonates with the island's enchanting rhythm.
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