Galloping the rugged terrain of Thira is, without a doubt, a liberating experience. But, the best thing about Santorini horse riding is that there is always something to please every taste. For instance, the romantic souls will probably find great delight cantering the cobbled streets of Fira. And, that is just a small taste of all the incredible escapades the charming volcanic island can offer you, on horseback. Here is a guide to give you an idea of what to expect.

Inland Horse Riding in Santorini

There are plenty of tours that will take you to archeological sites (i.e., Akrotiri) and the remains of cities once covered in volcanic ash, unmarked-by-tourists villages, such as Megalochori, with a much quieter landscape than other inland regions, and magnificent traditional vineyards. Of course, the lava-carved caldera, whose tours trail along the steep cliff takes Santorini horse riding to an upper level due to the unique morphology along the way, can also not be missed. Take your time to admire the pristine countryside and dive into the land’s rich history.

Beach Horse Riding in Santorini

Enchanting and inviting the Santorini beaches also host the most common horseback riding tours, especially those around Oia Greece. Of the dozens of shores available, you can pick your favorite one and ride along it just before the sun slips behind the horizon (spectacular sunset views, indeed). We suggest non-organized beaches, such as Monolithos so that you are not disturbed by the sunbathing crowds. However, do note that some beaches are also nudism-friendly so they may not be great options if you are having Santorini family holidays with kids.

As for beaches nearby Oia hotels, the areas of Columbus and Baxedes are exceptional regions to clop through offering staggering seascapes and panoramas (though, the shores themselves might be a bit challenging to access with a horse).

But, if we had to pick a single beach you absolutely must see while Santorini horse riding, we would probably say Eros Beach. The deep blue waters and the black sands make it ideal for this type of activity. The same applies to the lunar-shaped Vlychada Beach, which also provides picturesque tours.

Private Horse Riding in Santorini

You can enjoy a private Santorini horse riding tour for you and your loved one(s) and share unforgettable moments. Nevertheless, as these tours require special planning, it is best to schedule them ahead of time. Or, you may have others organize everything for you. Fortunately, some Oia Santorini hotels like Strogili can offer such assistance/service. Just make sure you notify the reception of your desire to have a private horse riding tour during your stay and they will make the necessary arrangements. The friendly receptionists can also inform you about the available horseback riding tours and other activities you could try out in Santorini.

Tips: • If this will be your first time riding a horse, ensure you wear the proper horse riding gear. Steer clear from things like beach sandals, shorts, miniskirts, scarves, and anything else that could get tangled in the horse.
• While horse riding, try not to slouch. Instead, relax your back and sit up straight. That way, you will be able to control your horse better. • If you have any doubts, concerns ,or questions, do not hesitate to ask the stable staff for guidance (organized tours always provide basic training).

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