The unparalleled beauty of the gifted island of Thira and its profoundly mesmerizing underworld make scuba diving in Santorini a real marvel. There is an entire world below the surface of the sea that captivates with its rich marine environment, alongside the imposing lava caves, volcanic reefs, coral formations, cliffs, and shipwrecks, drawing crowds of divers from across the earth every year. If scuba diving in Santorini is on your bucket list, here are some of the best diving spots to get you closer to your dream.

1. Adiavatous Reef One of the most spectacular reefs around the island, situated inside the caldera rim. According to the legend, this may as well be the exact location where the ancient city of Atlantis once prospered. Adiavatous is home to plenty of fish (see barracuda, groupers, anthias, wrasse, etc.) and lots of invertebrates and crustaceans. If you also love snorkeling in Santorini, this site will please you greatly as it offers superb spectacles.

2. Santorini Volcano Reef Expect a breath-taking sight with heart-stopping volcanic rock formations and awe-inspiring shipwrecks that lie in a depth of slightly less than 20 meters. The unique seabed (formed by frozen lava after a recent volcano eruption) is 70 meters below. Scuba diving in Santorini’s Volcano site will give you the chance to see things like underwater canyons, straight walls, and a thriving ecosystem that includes shrimps, octopuses, sponges, corals, crabs, wrasse, and more. Similar geologic features are also found at The Caves, on the south coast of the island.

3. White Island The western side of the caldera hosts White Island, a small uninhabited island with exceptional wall dives. Notice how masterfully Mother Nature has covered the somewhat frightening volcanic rocks with colorful sponges? That is part of this site’s beauty! While scuba diving in Santorini’s rich aquatic cosmos, don’t forget to take a camera with you. There will be so much to photograph at White Island, from clouds of lively reef fish darting all around you and moray eels to enchanting coral growth.

4. Oia Along with Thirassia, Oia Santorini Greece attracts the attention of divers for various reasons. First, the waters here are remarkably clear, which makes the sea also perfect for activities like snorkeling in Santorini. Secondly, the reefs living in this particular side of the Aegean Sea provide shelter to a wide range of marine life, including pelagic fish, groupers, snappers, and hunting barracudas. Not to mention the heavenliness of the site. Plus, it is only a short walk (or drive) from your favorite hotel in Oia, Strogili Traditional Houses, which means easy and quick access.

5. House Reef Besides marine species like hermit crabs and a plethora of nudibranchs, scuba diving in Santorini’s House Reef will reward you with probably the most “crowded” underwater streets on the island. The site is protected from fishermen, which is why life here is more abundant than other dive sites.

6. Kamari & Perissa Rock Don’t conclude scuba diving in Santorini without exploring this place. You can rest your eyes on black sands, maze-like volcanic rock formations, and plenty of fish species, the likes of glassfish, wrasse, anthia, moray eels, octopuses, and, of course, lots of crustaceans.

Notes: • There are many more dive sites across the island. Please refer to the Strogili Traditional Houses reception desk for information about the available tours and activities. • You can spice up your snorkeling and scuba diving endeavors with other sea-including activities, such as kite surfing and kayaking in Santorini. • To combine the best of Santorini accommodation and holidaymaking you can ask the Strogili Traditional Houses reception about boat rental services. Sailing in the caldera around sunset on a catamaran is one of the most romantic experiences worth living here!

For anything else, do not hesitate to contact us. Your first class Santorini hotel in Oia is here to provide not only top-rated facilities for a memorable, VIP stay but also help you relax and take in all the beauties this wonderful island has to offer, whether these involve its on-land world or its underwater paradise.