Do you also believe Santorini Greece is the same as the Lost City of Atlantis? Have you ever heard of the myth that the two are the same? Why not find out if this is true by going on Sea Kayaking in Santorini.

When you are on a visit to Santorini, one of the best ways to admire its unique landscape and connect directly with the island is by signing up for Sea Kayaking in Santorini. It is one of the most exciting Santorini water sports especially for lovers of nature and fun.

In case you are wondering what sea kayaking is all about, sea kayaking is a type of recreational water sport which involves moving with a kayak on open waters such as ocean, sea, lakes, and bays. It is also used as a means of transportation on sea journeys.

The major difference between kayaking and canoeing is in the paddlers sitting position and the number of blades on the paddle. If you are conflicted about the expenses for going on a sea Kayaking excursion in Santorini, you should know it is one of the cheap ways to have an exhilarating experience of the sea, the fresh salty air, and the great sunshine.

What other features are there to experience on a Santorini Sea Kayaking excursion? Read on to find out…

There are different sea kayaking excursion tour providers with varying activity packages. You can access information about the available tours and the company providing them at the reception desk of your Oia hotel.

Sea Kayaking in Santorini is an opportunity to experience sailing on the sea differently than when on a ferry or boat ride. Some of the activities and experience you can look forward to while kayaking in Santorini includes:


Once you sea kayak to any of Santorini’s beach such as Red beach and White beach, you can stop over to snorkel in the crystal clear waters. This will allow you to see amazing sea creatures and plants existing in the Aegean seas. After snorkeling, it might be a good idea to have lunch to regain your energy before continuing with your excursions. If you intend to snorkel, do ensure you pack your snorkeling gear along although your tour company may offer you. It is advisable you confirm if your tour company offer lunch to tourists and ensure you pack one if it does not.


if you love swimming, a sea kayaking excursion in Santorini is a good way to combine kayaking adventure with the opportunity to swim in different beaches scattered all over Santorini. Some of the excellent beaches to swim in Santorini include Eros, Kamari, and Mouzakia beaches.

Sea Kayaking

Exploring the whole of Santorini: sea kayaking in Santorini is among the top ways to explore the whole of Santorini while on the Aegean Sea. You will have the opportunity to paddle in various natural architectures such as the Caldera, rock formations and colorful Volcano formed cliffs scattered all through the island. Depending on your tour provider, you might also have the opportunity to paddle to some of the islands which form the Santorini island complex.

There are a whole lot of experiences to look forward to when kayaking in Santorini; you only need to consider what you are interested in before choosing which tour to sign up for. It is also important to confirm the pickup and drop off points of your tour company. If there is no offer of hotel drop-off or pickup, you can make arrangements with your Oia Santorini hotel.