One of the most important features for which Santorini Island is popular for is its Sunset. Apart from this beautiful sunset, the volcano is one other major attraction which is a must see as a tourist to Santorini Greece.

But how do you get to the volcano? The best way to access and enjoy your volcano visit is through a Jet Ski tour as there is no ferry tour to the volcano and can only be accessed as a group as it is not open to individuals.

How to select the perfect Santorini Jet Ski tour

The major thing to consider in when choosing a Santorini Jet Ski tour to the volcano is ensuring the activities included in the tour are what you are interested in so you can enjoy the tour in full. For a better idea of available Jet Ski tours to the volcano, you can make inquiries at the reception desk of your hotel in Oia Santorini.

Activities to expect on a Jet Ski tour, Santorini

A Jet Ski tour in Santorini is one of the must-do activities to include in your bucket list if you are preparing for a Santorini honeymoon alongside engaging in water sport in Santorini.

For all Santorini Jet Ski tours, a great view of the caldera and its cliffs are common. Other common inclusions you should watch out for include:

  • A visit to Thirassia If you are a lover of exploration, you should sign up for a Jet Ski tour which will stop over at Thirassia and allow you to explore the many villages. Major places you should check out in Thirassia are: Baxedes, Paralia Riva and Sostis Arvanitis
  • A stop at Santorini beaches such as the Red beach or the White beach Another place to look for in a Santorini Jet Ski tour is a visit to one or two of the many beaches scattered all around the island. Major activities that can be carried out at the beaches include watersports, swimming and snorkeling.
  • Visit the top of the caldera You will also find Santorini Jet Ski tours which will let you climb up the caldera and see breathtaking views of the entire beauty of the island. You can also swim in one of the many hot springs lying around and watch the sunset if you happen to reach the volcano in the early evenings.
  • Fishing Another activity which can make your Jet Ski tour in Santorini a memorable one is fishing. There are Santorini Jet ski tours which will provide tourists with fishing tools such as baits and hooks and sometimes, the catches are cooked and served on board.

What to consider when choosing a Jet Ski tour in Santorini

There are a couple of checklists you should confirm before purchasing your tickets for a Jet Ski tour. Some of them are:

  • Offers You should confirm whether a Jet Ski tour offers necessary services which will make your tour easier. These services include Hotel pickup and drop off, feeding and how flexible the tour activities schedule are.
  • Number of tourists This is important to confirm to ensure if the tour is perfect for you or too crowdy for your likening. You definitely shouldn’t go on a trip if you won't be comfortable with the number of people accompanying you.
  • Other factors to look out for include whether kids are allowed on board ( especially if you’ve got one or more), whether foods are allowed on board or the tour company provides, the proximity of the tour startup and end points to your Santorini accommodation, especially if there is no hotel pickup or dropoff service included in the tour package. Since Oia is the capital town of Santorini and also the best place to stay in Santorini, you should research top Oia Santorini hotel right before you go on your trip.