When you visit Santorini, there is probably no better way to admire the unique landscape of the volcanic island than on a Santorini helicopter tour.

Going on a Santorini helicopter tour is one of the ways to enjoy the island as it provides you with an aerial view of all the island is and many more.

If you are thinking of what you stand to gain when you spend money and time to go on a Santorini Helicopter tour, we assure you the experience is worth it. What more? It is not like going on a fishing tour where you might feel out of place if you are not interested in fishing; here, you enjoy the fresh air and view from up in the sky.

As soon as your helicopter rises into the sky, you should look forward to discovering Santorini Island in its entirety. You will also get to see other islands surrounding

Santorini and how the landscape transits from Santorini into them. Below, we bring you some exciting ways to enjoy a Santorini helicopter tour.

When you go on a Santorini helicopter tour, you get to see the islands beautiful volcanic shaped landscapes. This single reason will let you see the beautiful and colourful hills and valleys. Flying over the caldera, you will see white, cove houses and mansions all arranged spectacularly. If your pilot attempts circling the Santorioni caldera, then, you are in for a ride filled with picturesque moments.

On the northern side of the caldera, lies Imerovigli, Firostefani and the famous sunset village of Oia Santorini; we hope you are on time to see the beautiful Oia sunset up close. Indeed, what you see in the sky over Oia is enough reason for you to seek accommodation in one of Oia’s hotels, you can imagine waking up to a beautiful sunrise and sleeping with memories of a spectacular sunset view.

On the southern side lies Akrotiri, where you will be able to see the red beach, the Akrotiri lighthouse, the ruins left of the Byzantine Castles and its famous archaeological site. Moving to the east of the caldera lies the true definition of a volcanic island. Here, you will see volcanic lava as it spreads in layers over the island. And on the Finikia village side, get ready to see a volcanic valley.

If your Santorini helicopter tour route passes over Pyrgos, then, you can see the highest point in Santorini up close. It will also afford you the opportunity to have an aerial view of Pyrgos medieval architecture of fortified walls, labyrinthine streets and hidden passageways all from the sky.

As soon as your Santorini helicopter tour takes you away from the caldera, get ready to be plunged into a beautiful sky view of the picturesque Santorini beaches. You can fully see their sizes, colour depths and even shape from the sky.

Probably you do not have enough time to go on a Helicopter tour during your summer visit, why not plan for a helicopter ride just for you and your partner? Santorini helicopter tours are perfect for an entire wedding tour or just a romantic getaway between lovers on honeymoon or vacation. Remember, Santorini is a romantic island where love is always in the air. You will find a suitable place to stay in one of the Santorini holiday villas located in the Strogili Traditional Houses.

When you are in Santorini, you should stay in one of Oia Greece Hotels, one of which is the Strogili Traditional Houses. Never forget to ask the staffs for details of available Santorini Helicopter tours.

In a nutshell, touring Santorini in a helicopter tour is a unique activity which lets you see all you want to see in Santorini from a superior view. However, the extent to which you see the Volcanic Island lies solely on your Helicopter tour length.