As a visitor to Santorini Greece, one of the major ways to experience the island is by embarking on a Santorini fishing tour. If you are wondering why this seems like the best way to enjoy the island, we bring you convincing reasons below. Read on!

Santorini fishing tours can be organized in various means and for various forms of fishing. Some of them are:

Touring Santorini Island on a fishing trip is an excellent way to sail across some of the beautiful beaches adorning the island. The most common ones are Red Beach, Black Beach and White beach. You will also get to see beautiful ways in which past volcanic eruptions have shaped the island’s landscape turning it into a more picturesque place.

What more? You will certainly get to understand the fact that Oia hotels are capable of providing you with traditional Santorini experiences such as local meals and drinks right in an exotic way. Another experience a Santorini fishing tour will provide you with is the opportunity to swim in various portions of the refreshing Aegean Sea. You can also snorkel or merely improve your tan during the period.

A Santorini fishing tour is the perfect opportunity to practice your fishing skills if you already know how to or learn from the crew members if you are a novice to fishing. You will get to experience fishing using different fishing tools especially rods, lines and baits. What better means to learn how to fish like a Greek than this! What more, there several facilities for Accommodation in Santorini which will further make your stay a memorable one.

Santorini fishing tours are not limited to fishing enthusiasts alone, everyone irrespective of age, sex and religious affiliation can make use of the opportunity to learn more about Santorini Island. You get to listen to traditional music from Santorini and all over Greece. While you do that, you can directly help in cleaning the fishes in preparation for a delicious freshwater lunch or dinner accompanied by traditional alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Finally, on your way back, you get to see and experience the magical, and spectacular sunset for which Oia Santorini is famous for right while sailing on the Aegean Sea.

Fishing tours in Santorini can be organised for different purposes and different types of fishing. Some of the most common types of Santorini fishing tours are:

  1. Sunset fishing which will let you admire the beautiful Oia sunset alongside the horizons colour switch right as you start fishing on the clear and crystal waters of the Aegean is a way of combining the two most exciting things on the island: fishing and sunset.
  2. Overnight fishing which will provide you with the opportunity to realise Santorini’s sunrise is just as beautiful as its sunset. You can then look forward to a delicious breakfast made from freshly caught marine life.

Other forms of fishing tours include deepwater fishing, tuna and shrimp fishing, fishing cruises and cuisine fishing respectively.

Accommodation in Santorini

When you finally decide to go on a Santorini fishing tour, you need not to be bothered about where to stay before and after the tour. This is adequately catered for by Oia Greece hotels. One of such is the Strogili Traditional Houses. Do not forget to request for available Santorini Fishing tour details before departing from the reception. It is one way the Strogili houses ensures you get enough information before deciding on a particular fishing tour.