Ever heard of the Lost Mythical Atlantis city? A lot of legends believe Santorini is the same as the Lost City of Atlantis but how true is this? There is no better way to know the truth about this than learning the history of Santorini while on a Santorini wine tasting tour.

Evidences attest to the fact that Santorini is one of the oldest winemaking regions in the world, with its winemaking activities dating as far back as 3rd Millennium BC. You will be able to savor up to twelve (12) selections of white and dessert wines native to the Island of Santorini Greece and entire Greece. What more? These wines can be savored at different wineries to allow you to enjoy variety.

While on a Santorini wine tasting tour, you will be able to see, touch and appreciate the beautiful treasures that have been excavated from Akrotiri Santorini. These excavated artifacts include furniture and vessels that are evidence of the Island’s prosperity before the volcanic eruptions.

Akrotiri is a prehistoric Bronze Age city which was a victim of the Minoan volcanic eruption about 3,600 years ago. A lot of people believe it is the origin of Atlantis, a mythical city which has been lost in time. You will also be able to listen to guides and natives discuss Santorini’s legend which will confirm whether it is the same as the fabled Lost City of Atlantis or not.

Another experience a Santorini wine tasting tour will provide you with is the opportunity to see basket vines unique to the island and also learn about the island’s viticulture tradition. You will also be able to sample a couple of Santorini’s sweet Vinsanto.

While you walk through Santorini Island, you will have the opportunity to see the marvelous Santorini Architecture made up of whitewashed houses, multistoried buildings with superb wall-paintings and churches capped with cobalt, blue-domed roofs.

If you have signed up for a wine tasting tour, you can also decide to trek or hike through Santorini Island for an opportunity to see the ancient exploration trails and the Island’s elaborate drainage system. When your hike takes you up to the caldera, you will be treated to breathtaking views of the entire island and its coasts.

When your tour takes you to one of the many beaches scattered all over Santorini, be sure to treat yourself to lunch with one of the many traditional freshwater fish dishes in any of the taverns, restaurants, and cafes lining the beaches.

Depending on the type of tour you sign up for, you might also have the opportunity to visit the Akrotiri Lighthouse.

Accommodation in Santorini

When you are preparing for a Santorini Wine Tasting Tour, it is important to prepare for your accommodation in advance. There are several hotels in Oia Santorini which will allow you to see the beautiful Sunset which Oia is famous for.

You can also stay in a Santorini holiday Villa such as the Hot Tub Villa at the Strogili Traditional Houses in Oia Santorini for an exotic holiday experience. At the reception desk of the hotel, visitors will have access to information to the different available tours.

A Santorini wine tasting tour is an exciting way to see the Island of Santorini in Greece along with its many features and also learn about its history and wineries. At the end of your tour, you will be the judge whether Santorini is the same as the Mythical Lost City of Atlantis.