Santorini sunsets are admittedly one of the most romantic things human eyes can ever lay upon. No wonder so many newlyweds choose Thira as their favourite honeymoon destination. But, bridegrooms aside, watching at least one Santorini sunset should be included in everyone’s wish list, for it is a one-of-a-kind phenomenon definitely worth experiencing at least once in a lifetime.

The best places to watch the sunset in Santorini

Among the areas that offer the most spectacular Santorini sunsets are:

1. Imerovigli – A scenic village at the Santorini Caldera that gathers quite a crowd every evening due to the breathtaking panorama of the sun gloriously sinking behind the charming Thirassia island. Head to Skaros, a beautiful Venetian castle situated on a hilltop for the most pristine Santorini sunset views.

2. Skala – Once upon a time, people would use donkeys to get from the cobbled street of Fira to the old port and vice versa. Today, the path is a preferred location to watch the sun painting the whitewashed housed of the island with lovely golden shades just before it slips behind the horizon. Indeed, a gorgeous sight, especially when accompanied by a glass of local wine and a plate of delicious cheeses!

3. Akrotiri Lighthouse – A more private, yet quite remote, region on the island, without the crowds of the more cosmopolitan villages, which offers superb vistas of the Santorini sunset.

4. Fira – For the best Santorini sunset views from the island capital, do walk all the way to the Orthodox Cathedral. The evening hours are simply ravishing as the red light of the sun illuminates the majestic chapel.

5. Oia – Probably the best place to please your soul with captivating views of the disappearing sun at Santorini, Greece. There are several different areas at Oia Santorini to watch a marvelous Santorini sunset. For example, you may head to the Old Castle, the windmill, the charming port of Ammoudi Bay with the imposing red cliffs, or the hillside just outside Oia village. In the latter case, though, make sure you bring a picnic basket and a light blanket with you. Oia sunsets from that particular location are indeed rewarding! In fact, those that view Oia sunsets describe them as an enchanting palette in all shades of colours!

Other Magnificent Options

If you are tired of mingling with the hordes of tourists that flock the island to watch the renowned Santorini sunsets, we recommend an Oia sunset cruise. These cruises usually begin in the afternoon and could involve a couple of stops along the dashing coastline before you reach a vantage point view around the islets forming near the Santorini volcano, with chilled champagne at hand and the company of your significant other.

Of course, another excellent option is to sit at the balcony of your hotel at Oia Santorini and appreciate the privacy and uniqueness of the moment, as the sun gracefully becomes one with the Mediterranean sky and the Aegean Sea.

Why Oia?

Not many people know that the magnificent spectacle that warms up every heart and makes it jump from joy is not visible year-round from every spot on the island. In fact, a handful of spots at Oia enjoy unobstructed sunset views throughout the year – this is particularly true for the Oia Castle. Strogili Hotel is one of the very few privileged Santorini hotels with views of the setting sun irrespective of the time of the year you come to visit the picturesque island.

All things considered; one can easily understand why Strogili Apartment Studios is ranked as one of the most exclusive Oia hotels in Santorini!