The island of Santorini, Greece has been shaped by a number of volcanic eruptions, especially from the Minoan era. It was a volcanic eruption that formed the stunning sight of the Santorini caldera and separated Santorini from Thirassia. It was a volcanic eruption that buried the city of Akrotiri, now excavated by archaeologists to be toured by visitors.

The volcano, and subsequent hot springs, are an intrinsic part of Santorini’s history. And you can explore it all for yourself with a Santorini volcano tour or Santorini hot spring tour.

Santorini Volcano Tours

Santorini volcano tours are popular attractions in Santorini and well worth the trip. They begin often in the Ammoudi, old port of Fira or Santorini main port, Athinios. A boat takes tourists to Nea Kameni, a small island which was itself formed by the volcano that inhabits it. From there, you can explore the active craters that remain on Nea Kameni or hike to the top where you can see all the craters and smell the sulfur that speaks to the volcano’s power. Take pictures of the flowers and plant life that spring up from the landscape, as well, a wonderful testament to the circumstances in which life blooms.

You can also explore Palea Kameni, another small volcanic island. These two islands were formed by a combination of lava and ash erupting from the sea floor and are two of the youngest volcanic islands in the Mediterranean, formed less than 500 years ago. Nea Kameni is still active while Palea Kameni is extinct.

There’s also the small volcanic bay of Erinia, where visitors can climb to the top and look out on yet more active craters.

Santorini Hot Spring Tours

Where there are volcanoes, there are often hot springs, and Santorini hot spring tours are just as exciting as a Santorini volcano tour. This tour begins again in Ammoudi, Fira or Ahtinios and leads to Palea Kameni, this time to get a full experience of the hot springs. What are hot springs? They’re small bays and bodies of water formed by the volcano with deeply colored, swimmable water that ranges between 30 and 35 degrees Celsius. Imagine taking a hot bath but out in nature.

Agios Nikolaos in Nea Kameni is a famous bay for these hot spring baths. And it doesn’t just feel good. This bath is said to have healing capabilities, which draw bathers from all over the world. Most tours will offer a half hour or an hour before moving on in which visitors can bathe in a Santorini hot spring.

Take the kids along to see the hot springs as well. This is an excellent destination for Santorini family holidays.

Santorini Caldera Tour

No Santorini volcano tour is complete without a view of the Santorini caldera. This massive formation created by a volcanic eruption stands between 130 and 350 meters, and is even taller below sea level. If tours don’t end with a trip around the caldera, there are boat tours specifically designed to give you full view of the caldera. These tours often run from Oia to Fira or Fira to Oia, so it helps to stay at one of the Oia Santorini hotels like Strogili Traditional Houses for your convenience.

Many of these caldera tours will also stop by the volcano and hot springs so you can get the full Santorini volcano tour, hot springs tour, and caldera tour all in one. They may also include Thirassia, a small island which was separated from Santorini in a volcanic eruption. If you can take a sunset tour with views of the caldera, it will offer you the unforgettable vision of the deep glow of the sun against the cliffs as it sets.

Where to Stay

When you’re looking for accommodation in Santorini, it’s best to stay in Oia or Fira. These villages will be closest to most of the tourist attractions as well as the bus system in Santorini. Oia hotels can offer you an excellent view of the caldera as well as the famous volcano. Strogili Traditional Houses is one such Oia hotel in Santorini, Greece. In addition to peaceful, relaxing accommodations and room for the whole family, we offer stunning views of the caldera, the volcano, and the Aegean Sea.

Book your room with Strogili today and then start preparing for a Santorini volcano tour, hot spring tour, or caldera tour. The legendary landscape of Santorini is waiting.