Distinguished by beautiful Cycladic architecture with whitewashed villages, blue-domed churches, paved paths, and cubic-shaped houses that create a mesmerizing contrast with the volcanic scenery, Santorini is indeed a sight for sore eyes. The distinctive Santorini architecture is one of the main reasons why the island stands out from the rest of its siblings in the Aegean Sea. You will soon figure out why!

Simplicity and Minimalism at their Finest – Cave Houses

The peculiarities of the landscape have contributed to forming the particular characteristics of the Santorini architecture. The buildings had to be robust and, at the same time, adaptable, which is why the locals have used volcanic materials, such as pumice stone, red rock, and volcanic dust, to construct their first lodgings.

Two primary Santorini architecture characteristics are the cave houses and the domes, which have always been easy to build (and quite inexpensive). Back in the day, the low cost of cave houses made them perfect dwellings for the poorer inhabitants. At first, they were dug either entirely or partially into the volcanic rock and had narrow, dome-covered facades and windows in varying shapes and sizes that brought natural light into the living rooms. Over time, though, the Santorini cave houses have evolved considerably and have now transformed into luxury residencies bearing all the modern comforts necessary for a royal holiday. Offering a wealth of amenities, they comprise a favoured accommodation option for thousands of visitors in search of elegant, unique, and private experiences.

From Cave Houses to Neoclassical Mansions

Besides cave houses, the people in Santorini Greece could also live in stately, farmers’, captains’ or urban family homes that were built in the fields, the city centre, or the fridges of a settlement. Their most distinctive trait? The winery with the imposing arched underground doorways - the island’s vineyards enjoy world fame to date. The prosperity of the 20th century, though, allowed the nobles and captains of Santorini to build extravagant residencies that brought together the charms of Neoclassical, Renaissance, and traditional Santorini architecture. If you take a stroll along the cobbled streets of Oia or Fira, chances are the grace and elegance of these homes will attract your attention.

Therefore, Santorini architecture has a broad spectrum of constructions with different styles. Oia Santorini, for example, is home to impressive neoclassical mansions, colourful abodes, small churches with Venetian influences, and narrow streets that pair the modern beauty with the classic allure, offering the ultimate romantic scenery.

The Magnificent Monasteries and Churches

The Santorini churches are an integral part of the island and the lives of its people. Sharing a vernacular Santorini architecture, they create awe with their admirable frescos, blue domes, square, white edifices, adorable bell towers, elaborate arches, and beautiful yards. Some of the most spectacular samples of Byzantine and Venetian architecture that blend harmoniously with the island’s landscape are found in Oia, such as the Church of Panagia, as well as Imerovigli and Fira (see the Catholic Cathedral of Fira).

But, apart from incredible sights worth seeing, Oia also offers fab seascapes, especially at sunset. No wonder the majority of top-class Santorini honeymoon hotels, such as Stroggili Hotel, are situated in Oia! Of course, another pole of attraction that speaks of the local architecture is the windmills featuring joined roofs.

Where to Stay

A wide range of options are provided to cover all requirements. From traditional hotels that provide affordable vacations for the budget-conscious travellers to stylish alternatives across major cities, you will probably be spoilt for choice. Strogili Hotel caters to the needs of all guests and is a hotel in Oia Santorini that provides the broadest spectrum of amenities and exclusive, private, VIP experiences.

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