Welcome to the most romantic and picturesque island in the Cyclades. You probably feel overwhelmed already by the plethora of things to do here. We feel you, and for that reason, we suggest 8 exciting expeditions to get started!

Seeing Santorini Through the Eyes of a Local

What better a way to explore the beautiful island than with the company of a friendly local? Now, what if that local also had the courtesy to drive you around on a private tour so that you can see all the major Santorini attractions without rubbing shoulders with the thousands of tourists that flock the island every summer?

The best thing about such Santorini excursions? You get to choose just the type of tour you fancy the most. It could be anything from wine tasting and sampling traditional flavours to visiting remote settlements, laying eyes on unique morphology, sharing romantic times with your loved one, or hitting the most popular beaches!

Be Part of a Greek Wedding Show

Although one of the most bizarre Santorini excursions, it is also fascinating to join an interactive performance that allows you to familiarize yourself with the island’s cultural traditions. Expect professional dancers and actors giving their best performance for your eyes only, in a pre-war setting. Live music, dancing, Greek cuisine, and acting come together to celebrate a Greek wedding while giving you all the details of the preparations that take place before the ceremony.

Treat your Palate with Delicious Greek Tastes

Santorini excursions that involve pleasing your taste buds with delicious traditional gastronomy is definitely a must-consider. You may also opt for Santorini private tours to some of the best wineries and restaurants or seaside tavernas. Such Santorini excursions usually include dishes such as meat dishes, fresh fish, seafood, and/or appetizers (i.e., tomato balls or fava) accompanied by a salad full of locally grown vegetables (or more delectable flavours if you are visiting a gourmet eatery) and a glass of award-winning wine, such as Assyrtiko or Vinsanto, produced in the local wineries by home-grown grapes. Don’t be surprised if your food tour also involves visits to local organic farms. Also, this could be easily turned into a Santorini wine tour too.

Create your own Customised Programme

You can make a list of all the places you wish to explore and have your Santorini Cave House receptionist to help you create a strictly personalised schedule with a knowledgeable guide. That way, you will enjoy every single bit of this fascinating island, see the highlights, visit remote places not mentioned in travel books, and watch the most fantastic sunset views in the entire Mediterranean Sea. Your custom-made Santorini excursions may also include archaeological sites, picture-perfect spots for photo shooting, and charming shores, such as Perissa and Red beaches known for their unique topography.

Diving into a Magical Underwater World

Scuba diving in Santorini is a popular pastime among locals and tourists alike, as it is snorkelling. Taking a scuba diving tour will get you close to all the richness of the underwater world that distinguishes Santorini. You can receive proper training in one of the several diving centres across the island if you are a rookie or just jump in and start exploring shipwrecks, below water lava-structured caves, canyons, and rock formations caused by volcanic eruptions, and a seabed that thrives with unusual marine life, such as scorpion fish, octopuses, Spirograph worms, and moray eels. Some of the most frequently used diving sites are Caldera Beach, Perissa Rock, and Taxiarchis Wreck.

Speaking of the impressive volcanic formations of the universe that lies below the surface of the sea, you may also consider Santorini excursions and Santorini volcano tours to witness the miraculous ways Mother Nature uses to give the world unique shapes.

Riding Like the Wind on Horseback

It doesn’t matter if you simply love horses or are a veteran equestrian. Santorini Greece, is the place where you will have your passion for horse-riding fulfilled. There are always a lot of trotting Santorini excursions available to give you the chance to feel the cool Aegean breeze caressing your face and a unique sense of freedom awakening every molecule of your body as you gallop past scenic mountainous settlements the likes of Megalochori, whose allure is unrivalled, vineyards, sandy beaches, valleys, fetching shorelines, and/or the jaw-dropping Caldera that will cut your breath with its unbeatable vistas of the Aegean Sea and its serene wilderness. Admittedly, a Santorini horse riding tour is something worth trying even once in a lifetime.

Taking the Pleasure of a Caldera Tour

This could be a boat trip arranged with the help of your Oia Santorini hotel receptionist. Most Oia hotels, Strogili included, provide such services given their strong focus on guest satisfaction. A tour to the Caldera will leave you breathless. The moment you lay eyes on the sunken caldera (the only in the world – all the others afloat), you will feel chills up and down your spine. Gigantic cliffs surround the Caldera, on top of each one sit beautiful villages made from volcanic materials. It is one of those Santorini excursions that leave you with plenty of options, from hiking the volcano and visiting Thirassia to swimming in the hot springs, bathing in the Red Beach, snorkelling, and more.

Under the Moonlight Magnetism

Admittedly, one of the most mind-blowing things about holidaymaking in Santorini is the arresting sunset panoramas. Although Storgili Traditional Houses Hotel provides unobstructed views to the vastness of the Aegean Sea and the cloudless Mediterranean sky, which is one of the factors that have placed it atop the list of the best-rated Santorini honeymoon hotels, you may also take a Sunset Tour.

Private or not, a sailing tour that either starts from or ends in the best place to watch a Santorini sunset, Oia, will please you, whether you are with your partner, family, or group of friends. Depending on the package you choose, you may also be provided with things like a rich BBQ meal and unlimited local drinks (see ouzo, raki or wine). You could also organise a party for your loved one(s) while aboard the catamaran or yacht!

Have an excursion request not listed here? Ask the friendly receptionists at Strogili Hotel at Oia Santorini, for their assistance. They will do everything to their power to help you live your dream vacation or even create unforgettable memories that exceed your wildest dreams!