Autumn is a well-loved season all over the world, and it’s especially beautiful in Santorini. While Santorini might be less populated in October than it is in August, it has just as much to offer. The Santorini caldera is as grand as ever, especially as the autumn sun sets and moon rises over the island.

The hiking trails are just as exhilarating, and the water is just as blue. In fact, after one visit to Santorini in autumn, you might find you prefer it to visiting in the summer.

Reasons to Visit Santorini in Autumn

The tourism pamphlets may talk about summer, but there are a number of reasons to visit Santorini in autumn. Here are just a few:

- Less Crowded. Santorini — and particularly Fira and Oia, Santorini — can be rather crowded during the summer because it’s such a desirable place to stay. However, by October, much of the summer crowd has thinned out. You’ll have your choice of hotels and rooms, and you’ll have a little more elbow room when visiting popular tourist spots like the beach or Oia Castle.

- Restaurants are Still Open. The fact that it’s less crowded in October often leads people to worry that Santorini is dead during the fall. That’s simply not the case. Restaurants and tourist attractions open as early as April and stay open through October, November or all year round. You can do almost everything you would do in the summer in Santorini in the fall.

- The Weather is Still Warm. Fall is a beautiful time of year. The temperatures are still warm in Santorini, perfect for dining outside or taking in the view from your balcony. However, it won’t be the high 40° temperatures that August can reach. The weather is comfortable and breezy.

- You’ll Save Money. Because autumn is after peak season, you may be able to find discounts that you wouldn’t be able to find in the summer. Often restaurants, tours, and hotels in Santorini with a caldera view offer discounts during the autumn. By saving money on accommodation, you’ll be able to get the most out of your Santorini holiday.

Things to Do In Santorini in Autumn

Never worry that Santorini doesn’t have enough to do in autumn. Not only is there still plenty to do, but with the thinner crowds, you’ll be able to do everything without being surrounded by hundreds of other tourists. For instance, consider watching the sunset from Oia Castle in Oia, Santorini.

It’s widely believed that the most beautiful sunset in the world can be found in Oia, Santorini, Greece. Most tourists believe that the best place to watch that sunset is from the perch of Oia Castle. Here you can watch the sun slowly descend into the water, casting a red glow over the cliffs as it does so.

It’s a staggering sight, one that everyone who comes to Santorini wants to see. Unfortunately, because everyone wants to see it, Oia Castle can become rather crowded during the summer around sunset. Tourism guides suggest visiting Oia Castle hours earlier than the sunset to beat the crowds. Fortunately, in autumn, there are fewer crowds, and therefore more elbow room while you enjoy the sunset.

One more outdoor wonder you can enjoy in Santorini is Red Beach. Red Beach is possibly the most striking beach in Santorini, known for its tall red cliffs and deep red sand. The red hues make the blue of the water stand out brilliantly.

However, as the cliffs protect it from wind, it can be very hot in the summer and many visitors prefer to see it from a distance. In autumn, however, it’s just cool enough for Red Beach to be enjoyable without being too cool for the beach at all. A Santorini holiday without a visit to Red Beach is a holiday to regret, and autumn is the best time of year to visit Red Beach.

Many visitors also believe that autumn is the best time of year to go hiking in Santorini. There are all kinds of hiking trails, from smooth walking paths to rugged climbs. Trek to the top of Mesa Vouno to explore the ancient city of Thira or hike to the archaeological site of Akrotiri. Take the leisurely walking tour to Fira from Oia, Santorini, the two main villages in Santorini.

With a short ferry to the nearby island of Thirassia, separated from Santorini by a volcanic eruption, you can find a refreshing hike and a stunning view at the end of it. From the highest point of Thirassia, you can see a panoramic view of Santorini and the surrounding area.

There’s something about wine tours in autumn that makes them that much more delicious. Take a visit to Megalochori, Santorini’s wine country, or even stop by some of the wineries closer to your hotel in Oia, Santorini.

There are any number of wine tours in Santorini to choose from, whether exploring the wine caves or vineyards or enjoying a sip of Assyrtiko aboard a boat cruise while you watch the sun set. The volcanic soil of Santorini breeds a unique type of grape that only grows in Santorini, and thus here you can find wines that can’t be made anywhere else.

Where to Stay

Oia hotels in Santorini are still the best place to stay for your Santorini holiday in autumn. Here you’re positioned for a perfect view of the caldera, and close to a number of shops and restaurants, as well as the bus line. And by visiting Santorini in autumn, you can have more freedom in scheduling and booking your room.

Strogili Traditional Houses is a Santorini hotel in Oia offering both apartments and studios, each with their own veranda or balcony. Our rooms are built in the traditional Cycladic style with gorgeous views of the caldera and the Aegean Sea. No matter what time of year you visit us, you can expect quality hospitality and excellent facilities. Book your room today for your autumn Santorini holiday.