Santorini is a destination much preferred by people of all kinds – those with a luxury lifestyle, globetrotters, romance seekers, archaeology lovers, you name it. Rightfully so, as it combines a wealth of experiences and things to do, with its heart-stopping sunset views gathering the most attention, among many others.

What makes Santorini so unique and favoured among jetsetters and travellers that come from the corners of the earth every summer? A myriad of reasons – five illustrative ones are presented right below.

The Magnificent Sunset Panoramas

Santorini is a key destination if you want to spark that fire again between you and your partner. The Caldera, a volcanic stretch of land that is the result of a massive volcanic eruption that took place some 3,500 years ago, features a beautiful half-moon-shaped bay in its heart, making it a pole of attraction for hundreds of thousands of visitors annually. Overlooking the imposing Caldera are the villages of Fira and Oia Santorini, with the second one being extensively known for its glorious sunset views. Perfect for a romantic escape for two!

The Enchanting Traditional Cycladic Architecture

Besides the impressive Santorini volcano, Santorini is a beloved destination for the allure of traditional Cycladic architecture that is present throughout the island. Whitewashed houses with flat roofs and bougainvillea-filled balconies, cubic-shaped constructions, colourful windows and doors, arched passages, and charming chapels and churches with distinguishing blue domes are among the most photographed things on the island. This is yet another reason to include Santorini in a must-visit destination list. If you want to get a taste of the three most famous Santorini blue domes, do consider exploring the narrow, cobbled streets of Oia.

Always with respect to the traditions of the island, Strogili Traditional Houses is among the few hotels in Oia Santorini that follows the principles of local architecture and provides authentic, luxury experiences.

The Breath-Taking Volcano & The Hot Springs

Besides shaping the Santorini Caldera, the once active volcanic centre of the south Aegean Sea has contributed to the formation of the Nea and Palea Kameni islands, which are both found inside the Caldera and draw the eyes of every single visitor with their majestic character. Nevertheless, apart from the wonderful Santorini sunset views and the other miraculous sights, Santorini is a destination that serves many other purposes. For instance, it is home to the famous Hot Springs. The warm waters (around 35°C) are rich in manganese, iron, and sulfur, which are known for their health benefits. No wonder Santorini is a favourite destination among people suffering from rheumatism, arthritis, joint pain, and skin conditions, such as dermatitis.

Captivating Volcanic Beaches

The volcanic nature of the island is the reason why its beaches are in themselves a popular Santorini attraction. The unique character of the shores makes them a sight on their own, as they lay covered in volcanic sand and rock. This is why you will find a huge diversity of landscapes and colours, from black-sand shores to pebbled beaches and from rock formations-surrounded, secluded ones bearing unspoilt natural beauty for private, calm moments to well-organised, cosmopolitan options that also comprise ideal diving areas for the adventurous ones.

Local Wines

Whether a connoisseur or not, Santorini remains an excellent destination for those wishing to treat their taste buds with the delicious flavours of the local wines. Coveted and exported throughout the globe, the Santorini wines are a top choice for millions of people. The vineyards here are considered to be the oldest in the world, which is, on its own, a marvel not to be missed. You will find a good collection of Vinsanto and other wine varieties in the most exclusive hotels in Santorini Oia, including, of course, Strogili Traditional Houses.

Where to stay

It depends on what you what to gain from your holidays at Santorini. To combine both superb sunset vistas, proximity to all the main island attractions, and a plethora of royal services, amenities, and facilities for unforgettable holidays, Strogili Traditional Houses is undoubtedly on top of every list of Oia Santorini hotels that meet guests’ requirements - even the most discerning ones.