Anafi is a small Greek island located on the southeastern side of the Cyclades and close to Santorini Island. Because of the proximity between the two volcanic islands, you can easily find Santorini boat trips to Anafi, especially in summer.

Anafi island is tiny and unpopulated when compared with other Cyclades islands. It has no influence of tourism at all. The only village in Anafi is Chora which is located on a hilly slope and gives visitors exhilarating views of the Aegean Sea. There are very few tourist facilities and mainly recommended for tourists who enjoy isolation. With numerous crystal beaches on its coastline which can be accessed by foot, free campers and nudists will have a free day away from the crowds when there.

Tourists who go on day trips from Santorini to Anafi do such to explore the Cyclades away from the hustle and bustle of the populated and developed islands. Anafi’s frequently visited beaches are on its southern portion, and some of them are Katsouni, Kleidisi, Agios Nikolaos and Megas Potamos.

Santorini boat trips from Santorini to Anafi islands will offer you privacy from the crowds in Santorini without boring you out as you get to see enough nature’s influences on your way there.

Santorini boat trips to and from Anafi will help everyone relax and spend time together when on a Santorini family holiday. You can get details about Santorini boat trips from the reception desk of your Oia hotel in Santorini.

Before signing up for a Santorini boat trip to Anafi island, ensure you affirm what is included in the trip package such as pickup and drop off information, meals, and drinks (if offered or not) and whether kids are allowed on board or not.

When you arrive in Anafi on a Santorini boat trip, you will be welcomed by white-washed dome-roofed houses with narrow stone-paved alleyways connecting them. This view is very similar to that of Anafiotika, a settlement located at the base of the Acropolis rock in Athens. Anaofitika was built to imitate Anafi’s Chora.

While in Anafi, you can easily explore the island through its 18 kilometers long trails on foot, bicycle or donkey, depending on your boat trip arrangement. Doing this will show you the ancient “oven houses” which are simply old farmhouses with very large ovens; and also the “mnemoria” also referred to as charnel houses.

In the eastern part of Anafi island, there is the rock of Kalamos which is the second highest monolithic limestone rock and will provide a thrilling experience for climbers who will be able to access the Monastery atop the rock. The impressive view of the Aegean Sea and nearby islands will further compensate their climbing effort. Climbers and non-climbers alike should check out the Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi and the temple of Apollo the Anafian lying at the foot of the rock. If your tour company allows meals aboard, you can have a late lunch on your way back while enjoying magnificent views of the Santorini Caldera from the sea.

In case your tour package doesn’t include pick up and drop off to and from your hotel, you should arrange for a private taxi or your hotel in Oia Santorini taxi service.

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