Strogili Traditional Houses, Oia,  Santorini

Map & Info Santorini Map & Hotel Location in Oia

Map of Santorini - Oia, Beaches in Santorini Greece

On this page you are provided with a map of Santorini, information about the hotel location, as well as distances of the Strogili Hotel in Oia Santorini from beaches, shops and transportation hubs.

Santorini is considered the most magical island of Greece and is one of the most frequented vacation destinations in the world. On the northwestern side of the island is picturesque Oia (Ia), a settlement with such beautiful characteristics that it has been declared by the authorities a “preserved town”. Oia (Ia) is famous for its fantastic views of the sunset, the sea, the volcano and the multicolored landscape, a unique combination that attracts many visitors every year.

The Strogili Hotel Cave Houses, Cave Villas, & Studios & Rooms are located at the beautiful Oia (Ia), Santorini, perched on the cliff side, at an altitude of 350 meters.

Oia,  Santorini

From the Strogili Cave Houses & Villas, Rooms & Studios Hotel in Oia Santorini, you can easily reach the following destinations:

  • Santorini Airport (Monolithos): 24 km
  • Santorini Port (Athinios): 24 km
  • Nearest Town: 10 km
  • Beach: 2 km
  • Supermarket: 20 m
  • Bus Stop: 20 m
  • Restaurant: 20 m

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